Missy Jubilee. 063 PRRVRRT

This is a film currently in production for release December 2016

This film is a dark burlesque portrait about the relationship between memory, identity & raw sexual matter - set to interpretive dance with a dirty house soundtrack

In the age of misinformation - I was informed mistakenly about my need to be avant garde

-the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea; redundancy

Checkpoint Tantrum

Whimsical memories of happy endings
are the distorted nature of a contoured culture

I prefer to remember the chaos

Fetish Unleashed

Try this at Home

I did

1. to shut in; seclude or confine.
2. to enclose within walls

Transmission Adrift: The secret world of mind junk

The sicken in g
of influence
pervasively subtle
rotten in g

I turned that knob 


Laugh in g
Smil in g
Going a bit existential

Inside a
G spot


But will I
not rot?

-an obsessive fear of words

Silent Wanderings

I understood survival

I grabbed hold of it
and celebrated it as best I could
by embarking on a visceral journey
of getting lost
in a serious game of small-scale

There was no end to this

It was
between me and
my non-linear
adolescent alienation

-to utter a soliloquy; talk to oneself

Dreams of Levitation

Everyone changes 

But I changed
because I wanted to 

Not under any outside pressure

Not under any outside mandate
Not because I was court ordered 

Under my own volition

Now I am getting
a little better at observing myself 

I see the twitches
in my behaviours

Then, I couldn't

I wouldn't label that me abnormal

I didn't know what normal was 

Back then
I was a very normal version
of what I was 

which was sometimes confusing

Teenage Daydream: A restless lo-fi trip. Maybe we should turn around?

We all find ourselves
in lives
we did not expect

But I can usually tell
when I am starting to do
something I will regret

As imagination and reality collide ,
I fall in a synchronized exploration
of body and space

This is one girl’s complex coming-of-age

'C' is for Collapse

From first glance to infatuation - youthful perspectives on teenage intersexuality

Images of vaginas and posteriors tell a rose-tinted story of unfettered adolescence on the sexuality frontier