Loosey. The story behind the film


We work on a three week production schedule for each film, but Loosey took a full 6 months to finish.

If I ask myself why, the obvious reason would be it is the most technically challenging, narratively complex and intensely personal film we have done.

But if I'm honest with myself, the real reason was that I knew when I released this film - it would be the full-stop on that relationship

Looking back, it was probably my reluctance to confirm the relationships death that delayed its release - but also, for 6 months, I didn't know what I wanted to say in the epilogue. I needed space and separation from the actual event to be able to process it creatively, and more importantly, objectively.

But now with its release, the strings that bind have been cut, and I can finally move forward. Injured, wounded and despondent at the fuckery that is life, but the baggage is gone - and that is a relief. 

When you watch the film, you will be assaulted with narrative strings and angles raining down on you. I wanted to try to recreate the headspace I was in over the last 6 months regarding this issue. It was best done as a dreamscape because none of it was logical or sequenced. It felt like hiking through a snow storm of anger, hurt and emotion. So I made the film as I felt it. A blizzard of confusion - and finally - resigned acceptance.

As they say in the cliche classics - it is what it is.

It is Loosey

This is a pre-release preview, so please feel free to offer suggestions, corrections or questions prior to release