Masturbativ banned for being sexually explicit

Masturbativ was put into a lot of 'film maker' groups yesterday on Vimeo - read non-girlie groups

First e-mail I read this morning was from Vimeo:

"Your video "Missy Jubilee. 043. Masturbativ <>"
has been removed for violating our Guidelines.

Reason: Uploading videos that contain pornography or sexually explicit material, explicit depictions of nudity or sexual acts, or that seem primarily focused on sexual stimulation"

This is someone in a pure film making group reporting it because they don't think this type of film making is credible - its porn

This is what we fight against. That it is art that is not suitable for a wider creative intelligent audience.

I appealed to the Director of Community at Vimeo:

Hi Darnell,

You might remember I contacted you a while ago to check to see if one of our films could potentially breach the Vimeo guidelines. You were very gracious in telling us that you were comfortable with the context of that film, and the whole ethos of the 250 film project

After 64 films, we have just had the latest film "Masturbativ" taken down

With this film, we tried very hard to push the artistic bubble, but also to be sure that the context of the film project was embodied - and that it wasn't gratuitous in any way

I'm wondering if I can appeal to you to look at this ruling.

We feel strongly that this film deals withy a sexual subject in an
'artistic' way and provides the required context and does not violate Vimeo guidelines

I am sorry to bother you with this matter, I know you must be very busy - and we are sorry if you feel that this film has somehow overstepped the mark - but please be assured that we tried very hard to ensure that it didn't.

If you feel that this film isn't worthy of Vimeo, or that doesn't represent the broader aims of our film project - could you give us some finer understanding of the ruling so that we do not cause you this problem again

Many thanks for you consideration

I received an e-mail back from him within 30 minutes:

Hi Missy,

I just passed your note to the moderation team and it looks like they restored your video. Sorry for the mix-up!

You can actually email if this happens again, but I don’t think that will be an issue.



My response:

Darnell,  thank you so much.  You are a total legend! :)

About 30 minutes, I got this e-mail from the Community Manager

Hello Missy,

Thanks for reaching out about this!

It looks like your video: has been restored. Please let us know if you need anything else.

Rebecca T
Content + Community Manager

My reply:

Thank you so much Rebecca :)

Please be assured we have the Vimeo guidelines as a highest priority when making these films. If you ever think we have overstepped the mark, feel free to let me know and we will adjust accordingly

Thank you for allowing tasteful erotic art to exist within mainstream media. Missy :)


Things that are known, but not provable

This wasn't a mistake.

It was reported.

And in response, it was probably deleted by a new moderator, but then thankfully reversed by more senior staff who know about the goals of this project.

I have talked with Darnell before about issues we have had - and he has been incredibly supportive in helping us stay on the right side of the Vimeo guidelines - but always getting as close to the edge as we can

If it wasn't for people like Darnell, and companies like Vimeo - the only outlets for this type of art would be pornhub, Redtube etc. It would be stuffed into the porn swamp - to die.

Not hard enough for porn sites, too hard for commercial sites.

Darnell and Vimeo have my sincerest appreciation for taking a chance on tasteful cutting edge art - and allowing it to exist

They ruled in our favour - against the 'real' film making community on the issue of artistic censorship 

For us on the edge of film making - that is a breath of fresh air in a censorship smog we now, as a society, exist in

I thank you for your positive judgement Vimeo

When you fight something every day, from every conceivable angle - and that thing is negative judgement - whether it be from threatened women, corporations, friends, family, Christian radicals, repressed men or even 'real' film makers - you become very aware of it in every guise

I know where we are in the narrative historical arc of this project

It is the period of Andy Warhols soup cans. He smashed the art status quo and the definitions of what was art. 

Famous established artists said it definitely wasn't art.

That was childish junk

History took the other side of that argument

These are notes from the erotic art battlefront. The enemy is the status quo. It is well armed and securely entrenched 

These notes will one day document success or failure against that enemy