Washing Day Epilogue. In Nihilism I Trust

She fucked up
She slipped up
She got all hooked up
With what she shouldn't

No-fucks-given sex
A river of perversion
In search of the soul-less sea
Inside me

Baby girl
Got turned around 
Turned out
Seeking the impossible
When it wasn't probable

Thinking in such a way
Non linear
Non logical 
On the outside of normal

With only 
A light in the distance
That wasn't there
Having no direction 
And managing to lose it
It's a goddamn shame 
When there ain't nobody to blame
But me

Made choices
Raised condescending voices
Not feeling
About pulling
A old train full of lost
Along the line

Chasing the dragon
Looking out
Looking in
Looking away
Like the Man of Tin
Smacked up
With a body of sin

I had words and intentions 
Which are
Some of the best
For creating

They cut a line 
Through my mind
Straight to happy
Never thinking
It might get to be a bind
And make me blind

A couple of years later
Taking the wrapper off the hurt
There’s a lot of tears 
To go along with this subject matter
So I'm taking my time 

It's big field of weeds to navigate
When you’ve been
Chasing a sexual fixation
And an orgasm that never comes
At a price you can never

I wonder if it will ever leave me
It is a simple fantasy 
But it wasn't dropped on the doorstep 
By the Postal Service

So it's not like I can call someone
And say
Come and pick it up 
And take it away

My story 
Is structure left behind 
When all my memory pathways 
Are reduced to their most common overlaps

Like the Semioticians Oath
In Nihilism I Trust

-Missy Jubilee

“I've probably got a few screws loose up in my head” - Eminem. Will the real Slim Shady stand up