Knowledge. Why I Write & Read

Days when my motivation experiences a rallentando
Due to everything I don't know

rallentando/adjective, adverb - (music) becoming slower, slackening. Word Origin: Italian, from rallentare, to slow down

Some days I need a password

A password to 
A site

Days when the gut is wrung full of knots
Knots you need knowledge to
Get undone

Knowledge I don't have, but have to get

One more thing to do

It leads to a sense of being undone
A lingering doubt about 
The outcome

If all is really gonna be ok

What do I want?

To be ok like a Caribean brochure 
With the calm pool filled with
Torquioise water

The opposite of a feeling of overwhelmed

On days like this, no matter how hard I try to do right
Somebody has a red hot poker
Aimed right for my...

On days like this, this project is a dartboard for fools

On days like this, I want to 
Cage fight Buddha

No holds barred

Eye gouging allowed

Still tomorrow is another day

Just say yes

Yes ....

It is what it is

Will be



This has been a short chapter from Missy Jubilee's 'Vagina'

My Sex Life from the Inside Out

Highfaluting odes on sex & modern life, at a speed of 80,000 words a year

Constructed in the outer Mongolian Missyverse Word Factory

by Missy Jubilee/Australia

With hard labour contribution by Edge/USA