Missy Jubilee. 040. Fear

Missy Jubilee. 040. Fear released on vimeo.com & missyjubilee.com

Episode 40: FEAR

 So here it is. The first film of mine you can show children without fear of arrest. Fear is unlike any film we have done to date. It is also Facebook and Google+ friendly, so they won’t have to go through that tiresome process of banning me again

 This one is different. Very different. So right up front, no nudity. If you are offended by that, I wouldn’t watch FEAR. Just let it go, there will be a naked one next time (don’t worry, this isn’t a trend)

 But for those who can stand a little bit of clothes, here is the background to the episode. The bulk of the 250 films are about the 10% of me that I have hidden for 20 years. But FEAR, and a couple of others are about the other 90% of me - so that you have some context for the 10% films. Otherwise we would be painting a 2 dimensional picture of me in the films.

 You also might recognise this film as a trojan horse into the broader clothed marketplace for the purposes of promotion to a wider audience, an audience we can't access because the current major distribution channels are controlled by Google, and Google's policy that defines nudity as pornography. Sorry. We refuse to be shunted off into the pornography ghetto.

 The only release we put out last month was 'Core' 

 At the moment, we are on a 1 film per month schedule. We have been slowed down by Vimeo's implementation of a new copyright algorithm, which has stopped us using the unknown cool new music we were always promoting. So now we have to create all music for each film, and that has added about 2 weeks to each release.

 For the last 2 months. we have been working on 5 films simultaneously, so normal release schedule will be resumed shortly.