Broken Things To Fix. The Writing Behind Naked Files 02

Naked Files 02

The Episode About
Broken Things To Fix
Unconditional Love, Mermaids And Unicorns

One Of These May Or May Not Be Real

This Episode Is
Too Much Of Me For Me
To See Clearly
Or I See Too Much
Too Clearly
Looking Through The Interview Sections

My Mannerisms Are Disturbing
Because I Can See Myself
Falling Down A Rabid Rabbit Hole

Did I Feel Free
Or Caged In That Room
The Pressure To Not
Fuck It Up Royally?

I Squatted On A Stump
In An Early Film

A Dead Piece Of Wood
That Was Once A Living Breathing Tree

A Stump Is The Piece Left
After The Life Has Been Removed

The Absorption Of Light
Only Helps Erode The Remnant

Light Pulls The Tide
Blows The Wind
Erodes The Dead Strands Of One Life
And Carries Them To Another Place

They Need No Name

Those strands

No Identity
Because They Have No Ego

For Them
Every Second Is Destruction
But There Is Only Destruction
From Their Creation

Time Moves Forward
As I Witness Destruction
Through My Creation

That Is Either
Or Memory

In This Film
My Confidence In What I Can't See
Escapes Me

Silently Listening
To The Words I Can't Grab Hold Of

Am I A Poorly Tied Off Balloon
In Times Of The Great Ouch?

I Tend To Rely On Survival Instincts At Such Times
And It Can Get Ugly In My Head

Real Fucking Ugly

In This Episode
I Think I Look And Sound
Fucked Up
And Ugly

A Rolled Up Carpet With
A Kicking Mule Inside

Quietly Whispering
When My Heart Wants To Scream

All Lumps Projecting Outwards

That Would Be Me
If You Listen Between The Lines

Completely Arrested
Insecurity Infested

It Is Quite A Party
The Colours Run Down The Walls
And Alice Goes Screaming Down The Hall
Smashing Into The Wrong Door
And Lays There
All Knocked The Fuck
Into Another World
Like A Bad Edit

Sometimes a vivid imagination is a curse

Naked Files Part Two
Made Wherever I Am
And Of Whatever I Forgot

Small And Vulnerable

Why Should I Forgive Me
After All That I've Seen?

Is It Fair To Say Art Is
What I Do
Not Who I Am?

No It Is Not Fair

It Is Too Real To Be Fair

It Is Too Me To Be Fair

I Wonder If My Nickname Should Be Stumpy?

Fuckin Stump My Arse

'For As Long As I Have Tried
And As Low As I Can Be
I Will Never Resign Myself
From The Trial I Seek
There's No Time To Rest
Or To Reconsider'
(Portishead. Seven Months)

Be Kind

Be Kind

Be Kind

With Your Mind

Pray For Today
I Say

And Hey
It Works For A Moment

Be In The Moment Say The Self Help Gurus

But A Moment Can be An Eternity
When You Are Stuck Permanently
In The Moment

I Don't Think That's What They Had In Mind
When They Wrote That Cliche

So I'll Just Go To The Corner
And Punch That Strawman In The Balls

While Forgetting
No, Wait
Not Forgetting
Just Not Remembering
How Painful That Interview Was


Words Can Create Spells

That's Why It Is Called Spelling

clairaudience    (noun)
-the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, such as the voices of the dead