Between the Ages of Now and Forever

In my twenties
I collected weird friends

They all sounded disturbed in translation

Briefly, there was one I named Psycho Boy

He would send messages like:

Chess has always been the greatest game ever
And I think you'd be the best player ever
Do you know that velvet underground is produced by andy warhol
Oh that's right, you're as smart as i am

Only because I think he made a lot of
Unfounded assumptions 

But hey, why not give him the benefit of the doubt 

Until he followed it up with:

i hope i didn't freak you out the other day
i need to speak to you. on your terms of course
i don't care if it's now or forever
i hope you don't fear me
i miss you

Now listen my unstable friend
I’m fearing you already
And the relationship is only
Two messages long

To me
You’re just words on a page
But anyone who puts
I miss you
I hope you don’t fear me
In the same sentence
Is four days from Disneyland

The line that freaked me out was

i don't care if it's now or forever 

If Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy had twitter accounts
They would have been sending shit like this 

I had a conversation with a friend about what to do

Me: Not sure whether I should maintain silence or set him straight

Friend: That's definitely the best idea. Communicate with him. That will really send the right message

Me: I'm worried that I'll trigger another psycho episode if talk to him, and also if I don't

Friend: The only communication I'd be having is see you later fruit cake. But then I'm a hater. 

Me: You’re so fucking compassionate

Friend: Let's see how compassionate you are when he's stabbing you with your Scanpan bread knife that you paid $275 for

Me: Fair point

I moved towns so I didn't have to make a decision