Survey Results

Yo. A question for you homeboy. Do you prefer the old plain text e-mails, or the new HTML image rich e-mails?

Please feel free to make a comment. All comments will remain anonymous. But I will judge you based on your wittiness (is wittiness a word?. It looks wrong. But that's never stopped me before)

Best 'other' no particular order

  • Does it matter what do I prefer? It's your art. And I like it.
  • Neurotransmitters (oxytocin and dopamine preferably)
  • It could be said that you are trying to influence votes, like your lovely naked appearance influences our mind.
  • Oh crap, I had a great comment but the potential "Wittiness" judgement totally got into my head and now I have nothing. So er um... Yabba dabba doo...skit skat skiddly I think you're cool!!
  • I found the old ones a bit easier to read, I didn't have to click through to finish reading.... back and forth. However, I do like the higher frequency and the new content!
  • At first glance you did seem broken to me. But it turned out you simply have a beauty I have never encountered before.
  • I have witnessed wittiness before. So. Yeah.