Hey Missy, 

I just wondered what your take is on religion and what comes after. I've recently noticed you have a bit of a Christ-like parable style to your scripts and stories. 

Just as an example "The Man with No Face" in The First Orgasm story. It just gets the point across in a different a manner of speaking I suppose, at least to me anyway. I like it, it's just something that had occurred to me. Thought I would throw it out there. Thought maybe it was intentional. 

I'm only wondering, no judgement or anything. I hope everything is going well. 


Me....Long story short, I prefer not to make up fairytales to explain the unexplainable. Definitely not a believer in organised religion. I think the end is the end. Until I have data to confirm anything different. However, Ken's observation is an interesting interpretation. I had never thought of it. I found the concept fascinating, especially in relation to 'the naked man with no face. But it definitely wasn't intentional. At least I don't think it was. Jesus, now I really am wondering if it was, given I know the significance of 'the naked man with no face' in later episodes, and the 'crucification' themes that will play out

"The misunderstanding is 
reading spiritual mythological symbols
as though they were references to
historical events"

(Joseph Campbell)