Missy Jubilee. TVI Portugal


TVI Portugal
The Documentary On The Future Sex Love Art Projekt
Why Not Go Out On A Limb? That's Where The Fruit Is

Three Months Ago 
TVI Portugal Approached Us
Wanting To Include 
The Future Sex Love Art Projekt
In Their New 13 Part Series Called
'Naked Files'

Televisão Independente (TVI) ("Independent Television") 
Is Portugal's Leading Television Channel
Launched In 1993

It Has Been Leading Audience Ratings Since 2005

TVI Describe 'The Naked Files' 
As The "Sexy Premiere" 
Of Their New Programming

It Is A Documentary Series That Will 
Be Interviewing Prominent Photographers And Filmmakers 
From Around The World 
Who Dedicate Their Lives And Creativity
To Capturing The Artistic Nude

The New Series Will Have A 
"Discreet Look Through The Interior 
Of The Most Daring And Bold Productions Of The Moment
Exposing Their Film Making Secrets"

These Are The Teasers For The Series to the left


TVI Is The First Television Station In The World 
To Show The Future Sex Love Art Projekt On Commercial TV

So What We Do Can't Be Porn
If It's On Commercial TV Right?
Because Commercial TV Doesn't Show Porn

I wonder if Google, Facebook & Paypal understand that?

So Today We Got This Very Kind Note 
From The Producer At TVI In Portugal

It Read:

Dear Missy,

We've Decided That Your Work 
Deserved Two Episodes In Our Series

You Are The Only Artist We Have Decided
To Do This With

We Think Your Art Should 
Been Shown As Vol. 01 And Vol. 02

In My Opinion, Your Work Deserves It! 

The Second Episode Just Aired Last Friday

I Sincerely Hope You Like It. We Are Fans Of Your Art!

Wishing You All The Best
Raquel Martins, Producer, TVI, Portugal

That Note Made Me Smile

I Feel Very Humble And Grateful
Given The Shit That Has Been Going Down 
All Around Me Lately

If The Goal For
My Time On Earth
Was To Be An Annotation
On The Page Of Video Media
I'll Take This As
A Step In The Right Direction

This Week Has Been One Of Contrasts

Two Notes

From Two Different People

In Two Different Professions

In Two Different Countries

One Praising
One Condemning

Have I Achieved Perfect Balance?

I think so
Given That We Want Our Art
To Be So Cutting Edge
That 50% Of The World Will Reject It

I Would Say
There Is Something To Be Said For Persistence

These Are
Some Of The Most Powerful Words
Ever Written For The Screen
On The Subject Of
Persistence & Toughness

I  Try To Live My Life By Them

"Somewhere Along The Line You Changed 
You Stopped Being You 

You Let People Stick A Finger In Your Face 
And Tell You You’re No Good 

Let Me Tell You Something You Already Know 
The World Ain’t All Sunshine And Rainbows
It’s A Very Mean And Nasty Place 
And I Don’t Care How Tough You Are 
It Will Beat You To Your Knees 
And Keep You There Permanently If You Let It

Nobody Is Gonna Hit As Hard As Life
But It Ain’t About How Hard You Hit 

It’s About How Hard You Can Get Hit 
And Keep Moving Forward
How Much You Can Take 
And Keep Moving Forward 

But You Got To Be Willing To Take The Hits 
And Not Be Pointing Fingers 
Saying You Ain’t Where You Want To Be 
Because Of Him
Or Her
Or Anybody 

Cowards Do That 
And That Ain’t You"

(Rocky Balboa’s Speech To His Son)

Heck Yes

Thank You For Including Us TVI
And Thank You For 
Having The Vision
And Having Guts
To Do Something Like This
When The Rest Of Society
Is Trying To Restrict Sexuality 

But Mostly 
Thank you Portugal
As Audience
For Just Being So Damn Way Cool
And Open Minded

"Most People Die At 25, But Aren't Buried Until They're 75"
(Benjamin Franklin)