Swooon released

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This is the script for Swooon which be be released on Vimeo on Monday.

Swooon is part 2 in a sexual submission triptych. The three films short films deal with:

Vaginarama – submitting the societally imposed shame

Swooon – submitting to a person with which there is shame associated

Chain’D – submitting to a fantasy which society judges as shameful to even admit to.



She’s of age.

Of age for what?

He said:

Come here and take your clothes off and all your little worries.

He said:

Come here and take your clothes off and all your painful yesterday’s

He said:

Come here and take your clothes off.

So I did.

Have we met?

I believe we have


Six years is a long time

Eventually some thundercloud of progress sends a storm to swamp ones perfect pretentious palace of a past.

Karma. Now with 42.7% more bittersweetness.

Slow conversations with my obsessions meant more to me than anything I’d ever said to anyone before 1st March 2006

Are you entertained?

Are you not entertained!

Is this not why you are here!

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

She exists.


Oh, I’m sorry sir.

It’s not a tumor.

It’s not a tumor at all


Intro: Stoker soundbyte

Main/credits: Whistle. Jeremie Bellomo