Vagina. The Book

Vagina. The narrative behind the films

I'm writing a book about this projekt and my sex life - one memory at a time. It's called Missy Jubilee's Vagina. My Sex from the Inside Out. This is where the new writing on the memories is kept

Missy Jubilee. Dick

A supplementary vignette from the next episode 'PRRVRRT'

Missy Jubilee. Eyef*ck

Just in time for Xmas, the vision edit & music mix without the storyline for the next episode PRRVRRT. Merry christmas to everyone, and thank you all for your support. Peace be with you in 2017

Missy Jubilee. Creem FULL SCRIPT.

A supplementary vignette from the next episode 'PRRVRRT'

All I get is creemd

I was confused With the direction I had no map for celebrating The nurances of sexuality

Talk about the discomfort Of personal growth

Can I interest you in some suncream?


Missy Jubilee. RaRaRiot

A supplementary vignette from the next episode 'PRRVRRT'

Missy Jubilee. Cowboiz

A supplementary vignette from the next episode 'PRRVRRT'

Missy Jubilee. Twitch

A supplementary vignette from the next episode 'PRRVRRT'

Missy Jubilee. Push

A supplementary vignette from the next episode 'PRRVRRT'

Missy Jubilee. Creem

A supplementary vignette from the next episode 'PRRVRRT'

Missy Jubilee. Chinatown

Music & visuals from the film 'Nymph - without the storyline

Missy Jubilee. 063 PRRVRRT

This is a film currently in production for release December 2016

This film is a dark burlesque portrait about the relationship between memory, identity & raw sexual matter - set to interpretive dance with a dirty house soundtrack

In the age of misinformation - I was informed mistakenly about my need to be avant garde

-the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea; redundancy

Checkpoint Tantrum

Whimsical memories of happy endings
are the distorted nature of a contoured culture

I prefer to remember the chaos

Fetish Unleashed

Try this at Home

I did

1. to shut in; seclude or confine.
2. to enclose within walls

Transmission Adrift: The secret world of mind junk

The sicken in g
of influence
pervasively subtle
rotten in g

I turned that knob 


Laugh in g
Smil in g
Going a bit existential

Inside a
G spot


But will I
not rot?

-an obsessive fear of words

Silent Wanderings

I understood survival

I grabbed hold of it
and celebrated it as best I could
by embarking on a visceral journey
of getting lost
in a serious game of small-scale

There was no end to this

It was
between me and
my non-linear
adolescent alienation

-to utter a soliloquy; talk to oneself

Dreams of Levitation

Everyone changes 

But I changed
because I wanted to 

Not under any outside pressure

Not under any outside mandate
Not because I was court ordered 

Under my own volition

Now I am getting
a little better at observing myself 

I see the twitches
in my behaviours

Then, I couldn't

I wouldn't label that me abnormal

I didn't know what normal was 

Back then
I was a very normal version
of what I was 

which was sometimes confusing

Teenage Daydream: A restless lo-fi trip. Maybe we should turn around?

We all find ourselves
in lives
we did not expect

But I can usually tell
when I am starting to do
something I will regret

As imagination and reality collide ,
I fall in a synchronized exploration
of body and space

This is one girl’s complex coming-of-age

'C' is for Collapse

From first glance to infatuation - youthful perspectives on teenage intersexuality

Images of vaginas and posteriors tell a rose-tinted story of unfettered adolescence on the sexuality frontier





Missy Jubilee. 063.1 PREVERT

A short preview of the next film 'PRRVRRT'

Missy Jubilee. 062.2 Nymphette (the 7" Darker Shorter version of Nymph)

When I first considered telling this part of my story, I imagined 2 films - the first with all the perspective, exposition and narrative discovery I have looking back on the event, and my understandings of what motivations/events got me there - with the second film being just about the memory with no context. Just as someone who had no experience of me or my history would have experienced my memory - in isolation

I don't plan to do this with every film, and have only done a shorter version of the main episode once before - for 'Requiem'

However, this is a cornerstone episode, and I chart my decline from this point on

Intent, motivation & action first raise their ugly heads

Due to the difference in the musical score, I get a more sinister, less innocent undertone to my thinking in the shorter version

Perhaps that is what I hide from

Perhaps this is why this film exists

To make me see me

Without any justification

"Innocence is in the eye of the beholder"

Missy Jubilee. 062. Nymph. FULL SCRIPT


Chapter 1

“Nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe”
1994 I am 14 years old, familial chaos reigns
My parent complex relationship was in a rage
Of matrimonial real talk for the last time
My mother lost her shit
My pain, outrage, hate, vengeance, confusion & arousal-circuited
I entered mental isolation as my parent separated from themselves, and me

Artistic vignette of my internalised childhood
#1 Abandonment issues
#2 Inappropriate sexual role models
My father moved with his sexy new girlfriend
I just tired of feelings
My father asked if I wanted to live with him & his sexy girlfriend
I guess he took my silence as a no
Because he didn’t ask me to approve of his apocalypticism again
He had a otherwordly grasp of my silent fuck right off
I wanted to be her, I didn’t want to live with her
It was all about power and powerlessness
He would never understand that
No one would. Not even me.
I stayed with my mother instead,
As she dived deep into an obsessive all encompassing
Ocean of clinical depression
Meanwhile, unseen by my parents, I had some stuff going on
#3 Body Issues

Chapter 2: Now you see me, now you don’t
#4 My uncle
He has been mentioned only once in the previous films
Yes thank you for your input
For next 2 years I locked myself in a box called my skin
I became obsessive second time in my life
But no last time
My obsessions are like ether
They slowly crawl under my skin
Inhabiting my conscious imagination
And incubating with in my insecurities
Until they became action based
And then
Impulse eventually overcomes good sense

The first time I became obsessive
I was six years old
I started eating to hide something
And I didn’t stop until I was 14
Fot the next two years, I starved myself
And completely reversed 8 years
of obsessive hiding my skin
Alone in my darkened mind
I sunk to the bottom to feed
And looked around
The sign said — no rules
Sweet deal

I never spoke to him again
Two years late my uncle would say
‘You are no a fat little kid anymore’
 No i wan’t
I never spoke to him again
I lost weight but I didn’t quieten the monologue of fear I listened to.
It morphed
It’s not all bad
It can lear to heightened self-consciousness
Apartness, an inability to join in, emotional self loathing
And in my case, excessive risk taking

Without those qualities
I would never have disappeared into
The mad sexual intensities
That made me

This new version of me
Had only one question about shame

How can you make it last?

The self punishment of acting out: The first awareness
Just keep walking away
This could be my territory
This could be where I work best
Forget the past
And slip into something

1996, A super 16 stroll down memory lane
I was 16 years old I weigh 50 kilos
I look at the world differently it sees my differently
Shame is my constant companion
But an added dimension walks into my life
I become aware of sex & sensibilities
Now when I walk along the beach
For the first time in my life, people notice me
People of the male persuasion
People I didn’t know
People who reminded me of my father & my uncle
$Innocence is in the eye of the beholder
Men would come up to me as I walked
And engage in the smallest of small talk
I noticed one thing I had never seen before
They all saw me with intensity
Because I gave them permission to
I learned about rejection early in my life
And was constantly trying to avoid it
But now I was surrounding it at every opportunity
And taking every opportunity I knew I shouldn’t
In hindsight, all for one reason

To create a memory
I would never wear a bra
So their smiles were always faint & lopsided
Small tells of little thrills
As their eyes moved down my body some
Their body language said
I just want to crash into you

When I would turn
To continue on my way
Their faced would let out
A long sorry sigh

I would grow to love that look

That look of disappointment
For a lost opportunity
That could have been

It was so familiar

In that look
I had created
Some small amount
Of survival
At a molecular level
Now I was
One molecule less

I began to understand
Why other girls
resist for a moment
Just for that
Sweet look of regret
That was confirmation
I was all
That man wanted
For that
In time
I wanted to everyman
To think of me
That way

Are you scared?
Scared? I scoffed, of what?
Anything real
Don’t be silly
I am flirting with my thesis
That all men have two qualities
They are judgmental sluts
What the hell kind of degree
Is this anyway?
At this stage in my life
It seems to be a doctorate
In dick tease
But this isn’t me
In my day to day life
I could never find
The courage to talk to boys
Much less tease them
Yet here I was
I had a hidden agenda
And it wasn’t even
Very well hidden
I guess you only tease
The ones you love

‘If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with’
-Crosby. Stills & Nash

I would learn one important lesson
From this two years of my life
Dangling a carrot in front of a donkey
Or anyone else for that matter
Is not nice and not fair
Unless you eventually plan to give it up to them

Missy Jubilee. 062.1 Box. FULL SCRIPT

This is a short preview of the upcoming film 'NYMPH'
From the age of 14 to 16, I grew up locked in a box

When I was 14, my parents separated from themselves, and me
I was not angry, I was not sad, it was a stage of life to get through
So for the next two years, I locked myself in a box called my skin

Two years of swimming in the hot air of sexual development
While having a sticky conversation with my body

I just thought about sex
Quietly borrowing the mind of slut zero
To achieve a sense of belonging in the sexual picture
Finally in touch with my inner monkey

And a developing awareness of the birth of
The nymph in me

NYMPH is a film about what happened after I escaped from my box
A time when I came into the peace of the wild things
Who do not tax their minds with a conscience

Episode 62. NYPMH OCTOBER 2016

Sometimes in life you cross a thin line
A line so thin it didn't even matter

Missy Jubilee. 62.1. Box

A short preview of the next film 'Nymph'

From age 14 to 16, I grew up locked inside a box