Missy Jubilee. 036.1. Wonderland Preview

Wonderland Preview


Live harder than any pain

You've ever felt


I understand

Loss of emotional control


But I have come to


I like emotional



I understand that kind of


I am very comfortable

With that sort of


And with Re-living it


I have realised I am

Very good

At that


The pain of being

Sexually lost

and not finding Peace

in the Loss

But seeking more loss


Catch 22 for nihilists

Or martyrs

One of the two


For what it is worth

I didn't set out

On this course


It choose me

I think


I don't know




Short on Faith

and solitude


then there's



It's where I live

In the past

With no shame


And the entry sign says

Slay some demons

Why don't you


So we take our demons

On surprise Picnics

To wonderland


And every time

There is one more

Dead demon


There's a little pile now

I don't think

they're onto our plan yet

they seem quite



Welcome to wonderland

Where my past meets reality


This is what we do

This is how we do it


Edge & Missy Jubilee