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The following film contains graphic scenes of almost no nudity

Although it does have some nudity at the end but it's a metaphor

Just saying


Art has to be beautiful, but before that it has to be truthful

And every artist has to learn truth through a painful private process

Ritwik kumar ghatak (1925-1976)


Ingesting life’s problems and regurgitating them as art

It’s cheaper than therapy



This is not a love story

My aim is to put down on paper

what I see, and what I feel, in the best simplest way

- Ernest hemingway


Society has become brutally efficient at identifying people

At the end of the bell curve whose thinking needs fixing

My grandmother and over 20,000 other people were victims of lobotomies between 1930 & 1970

Rosemary Kennedy, sister of president john f. Kennedy, underwent a lobotomy in 1941 at age 23 which left her permanently incapacitated

American playwright tennessee williams’ older sister rose

Received a lobotomy which left her incapacitated for life

The episode is said to have inspired characters and motifs

In certain works of his


Is over medication a lobotomy for the 21st century?

From the age of 8, I was prescribed pills to fix me / to make me normal / to make me compliant

At the age of 25, I finally refused to take any more

One day, I just rolled over and decided to kiss my un-medicated self good morning

After 7 years of getting my head right from the cure

These films are a direct result of that decision

An attempt to figure out what the hell happened

Over those 17 years

This is me self-medicating the only legal way I know how

There are others who would say this project

Is confirming evidence that I should  be medicated

That I am ruining my life with more bad decisions

Those who feel I am damaging myself mentally and emotionally by making these films

Those that feel I am bent on confrontation with my past

That this is not normal or rational behaviour for a woman

I’ve got to keep zigging while these people are zagging

Stella knows what I mean. Don’t you Stella

Because we seen brain dead pixels where there used to be people


Bigger picture, these films have been blocked in certain countries

The governments of these countries also happen to be enthusiastic

Users of psychotropic drugs to control their populations

A psychotropic drug affects brain function, resulting in alterations

In perception, mood consciousness, cognition  and behaviour


As a tool for altering the mind, they have practical utility in the

Application of modern psychiatry.  And torture


Even in free societies there have been abuses of these drugs

A U.S Investigation found that administering 1250mg of the drug

Mefloquine to Guantanamo Bay detainees was a standard

operating procedure


Mefloquine has been used in the treatment of the clinically insane

The FDA states, even at the standard dose, it can cause severe

side effects such as paranoia, hallucinations, aggression,

psychotic behavior, memory impairment, convulsions & suicide


Guantanamo bay detainees were given 5 times the standard dose


Damaged people are dangerous. They know how to survive


The report notes that the CIA was experimenting with chemicals

similar to mefloquine as early as 1955 as part of project Mkultra,

a covert behavior modification program


The CIA interrogation manual details the use of mind altering drugs during treatment.

Persons burdened with feelings of shame or guilt are likely to unburden themselves when drugged

especially if these feelings of shame & guilt are re-enforced by an authority figure.


I have enough sexual guilt & shame for the next 100 years

I’m pretty sorted on that front

But what if the cure caused the sexual guilt & shame?

What was I cured of?

I guess I was morally insane and these films must be me relapsing

Which is interesting

Because I feel ok. Now


I must have a dark side if I am to be whole – Carl Jung / 1875-1961 / progressive swiss psychotherapist


What if you’ve got a dirty dark side. Does that count?


Jung's central theory was the concept of individuation

The psychological process of integrating the opposites

Of the conscious and the unconscious while still maintaining

Their relative autonomy and natural balance

Just like everything else in nature


There will always be something to ruin our lives

It all depends on what or which finds us first

We are always ripe and ready to be taken

- Charles Bukowski


Is it free will when you have a say in what ruins your life?

I am visible because it is easy to make invisible people invisible

If you get my drift


The doctor told me I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn – old saying in psychiatric wards


Go fuck a landmine – old U.S Military saying


I think you’re the fucking anti-christ – Donnie Darko


Postscript to the postscript

What is the connection between lobotomies

and kids on ritalin?


These are a set of data points possibly worth pondering

Or not


In 1948 Norbert Wiener said

'A lobotomy makes the custodial care of many patients easier

Let me also remark in passing, that killing them makes their custodial care even easier'


The originator of lobotomies, Antonio Egas Moniz

won the nobel prize for physiology/medicine in 1949


This helped convince the psychiatric profession of the potency of their craft


These often violent and invasive psychiatric interventions

preyed on the relative lack of social power of the insane

to resist the increasingly radical and even reckless

interventions of psychiatrists


In 1977, a US congress committee investigated allegations

that lobotomies were used to control minorities

and restrain individual rights


Lobotomies are now associated with the abuse

of patient rights


Tennessee Williams criticised lobotomies in his play

'Suddenly, Last Summer' because they were

inflicted on homosexuals - to render them 'morally sane‘


Lobotomies underwent a gradual but definite decline

Following the invention of behaviour modification drugs

for psychiatric use in the mid-1950's


Ritalin is a psychotropic drug that acts on the brain.

It modifies children’s behaviour.

Ritalin's invention can be traced back to these drugs.

These drugs replaced lobotomies.

Just saying.


Get in a time machine and go to 2010

Ritalin is the drug most commonly prescribed for treatment of ADHD in children


Approximately 4 2 million children in the U.S have been

prescribed drugs such as Ritalin, a 53 percent increase over the past decade


'There is little to no evidence about the effect these cocktails of drugs

Are having on the development of children’s brains

-The association of educational psychologists, The Guardian Newspaper/London/6th may 2012


What makes you weird when young

Makes you great when you grow up

– Vitoire


What happens to society if we don’t let our kids

Be a little weird without forcing pills down their throats?


School shootings maybe?


20,000 lobotomies vs 4.2 million users of Ritalin

Our business is behaviour modification

And business is good


'That men do not learn very much

From the lessons of history

Is the must important lesson

History has to teach'

- Aldous Huxley


Don’t worry, I'm not on a crusade

I'm not super anti-psychiatry or the US Military

I don’t think the CIA drugged me

And I`m pretty sure aliens didn’t abduct me

I just had to get some stuff off my chest

Back to easy to understand nudity

As a metaphor for free will next film


I was addicted to the hokey pokey, but I turned myself around – author unknown


When you tell kids they are wrong, by psychological

Evaluation, or by prescribing pills, is anyone surprised

That they will then adt in a way that says

Fuck you, if you think i'm wrong, then i'll act wrong

I wonder why we are enabling this by 'during' kids and

Not just letting them be ok with who they are. If the

Ocean is rough, do we try and figure out a cure to make it

Smooth? No, we just say, it's rough and then tomorrow

It'll be smooth, it is what it is. We don't need to fix it

But I'm sure someone is working on an app for that


Transcript by Bernie (BeeGee) Glynn