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Transcipt kindly provided by Bernie Glynn

015 H.2.OH.NO

The dawn of my sadness is rising

Sin (disabiguation)

A morally wrong act

A preview of H.2.OH & Showerlust

Slut (noun). A woman who likes sex as much as a man.

Coming soon

From the creative crumpet

Another true slut story

When you go to the pool

Be aware of what lurks underwater………. Me


Have you sinned?

I have

But no-one lost an eye or anything

What was lost?


My sexual schizophrenia started the day after H.2.OH

Never again would I be one person

Two halves at war

Nice me. And slut me

Living my life in sexual stereo

But everything was out of tune

Nice me and slut me fought to the death


I descended

Into a darkness

Of perversion

It was never a fair fight between nice me & slut me

Nice me fights like a girl

Slut me is a metric fuck ton of weapons grade crazy

With no remorse

Or conscience

This shit is about to get real

I used to think if i died in an evil place my sould wouldn’t be able to make it to heaven

But now


Coming soon

And by soon i mean maybe next week

The prequel to h.2.oh


The last days of innocence

Things we don’t remember when they ask us when we did the things that we learned we shouldn’t do again

These are just words in a bubble

Music/ben pearce/what i might do

Music outro/wake owl/wild country

Music is my boyfriend. Film is my bitch. Words are what’s left

The future love sex art projekt

A true life journey into the mind of a sexual deviant

Looking for me

A place to bury the shame

For those born under the sign of pain

Is all a sinner needs in her….


The creative crumpet

Someone once asked me ‘who are you?’

I couldn’t answer that because of the fear of my truth

My truth is i’m a twisted sexual pervert

This is one of 250 short films

That will painfully document this period of my life

Because i am not proud of who i am

And i do not seek to condone or glorify what i have done

I just seek to understand


Producer/editor/writer/sound design/slut missy jubilee

Goodbye nice me

I’ll miss you

Lighting the fire to the ghetto of my broken mind

Hey you naked girl. No fires in here. Don’t you know the rules?

This baby is going to burn to dust


What was lost?