H.2.OH Tease 2.0

MissyJubilee_H2OH Tease 2.jpg

Transcript kindly provided by Bernie Glynn

013 H.2.OH Tease 2.0

Its all about the wetness

Facebook messages received from a 38 year old woman from Singapore over a 24 hour period

Missy jubilee i will fuck you up

I read your stories

Not cool

Your stories make no sense

They are immature

Cat got your tongue?


I do not appreciate my boyfriend giving u his photo for your site

Nothing to say to that?

Oi cunt

I’m talking to you

Are you that much of a coward

I can and will destroy you

You seem more fucked up than you already are

You embarrass yourself with your writing


I will fuck you up

Slut (noun). A woman who likes sex as much as a man.

Missy jubilee

Coming soon

From the creative crumpet

Another true slut story

Strung up on the cross of vulgarity



Its all about the wetness

And erotic art with bass arse beats

To pussificate your deviant mind

Sometimes in life

You learn lessons

That you hold onto for the rest of your life

Standing naked in a pool talking to my boss and all the male senior managers at my first company christmas pool party

Not the best career decision i’ve ever made

I wonder what my school career counsellor would have said.

He probably would have said

Sweetheart, put your clothes on


That’s no fun for anyone


Coming soon

Missy jubilee

The creative crumpet

Creating primal erotic feasts of caligulian proportions

Music/macklemore & ryan lewis/u can’t hold us

Remixed by missy jubilee

The strung up on the cross of vulgarity remix

Music intro/Sabina/Tabarly

Music outro/Slyd/!!!

Producer/editor/sound design/slut/Missy Jubilee

The future love sex art projekt

My life as a female sexual deviant

Notorious by name

Notorious by nature