H.2.OH Tease 1.0

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Transcipt kindly supplied by Bernie Glynn

012 H.2.OH Tease 1.0

What happens in the pool stays in the pool

Slut (noun). A woman who likes sex as much as a man.

Missy Jubilee

Coming soon

Another true slut story


What happens in the pool should stay in the pool

You should not do this at a work Christmas party

I did when i was 19

So there’s that

Producer/editor/slut Missy Jubilee

Resisting the obvious at every opportunity


Mousse T vs the Dandy Warhols

Horny as a Dandy

The future love sex art projekt

My life as a female sexual deviant

Diving even deeper into my sordid past

H.2.OH. Coming soon