Missy Jubilee. 027. Subculture

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Just a perfect day, you made me forget myself

Missy. Erotic art with bass arse beats to pussificate your deviant mind

This episode is a prequel to the Membrane episode

It contains contextural information not included in that epiosde. The release of this epiosde was bought forward due to relevance of Lou Reed's death

Go back to dream land

You can come out of this a whole person

Subculture. Lou Reed, me and the faggot junkies

In 1956, 12 years before my grandmother

was committed to a mental institution for the first time

On the other side of the world in a parallel universe

My greatest musical inspiration

Lou Reed was committed to a mental institution at the age of 16

As teenager, Lou's Reed's parents were unable to accept

His sexually ambiguous behaviour.

They committed him to a psychiatric hospital

He was forced to undergo electro shock therapy at three times a week.

To normalise his sexual behaviour

Somehow Reed managed to emerge from this ordeal

To become transformative in art music & writing

But to him art & drugs

Were all he had to make sense of what happened to him

The only safe way he could tell his dark twisted sexual story

The honesty & vulnerability of his writing comforted me

My experience isn't the same. Just different

It's about others having control of repression & shame

And what is inflicted to correct abnormal thoughts

A lobotomised vegetable in my grandmothers case

Because she gave her control away

Or by taking control back

By making art with the pain & confusion & weirdness

And let all those bad memories escape

Like Lou Reed did

This is me trying somewhere between those extremes

If you can observe your own thoughts, who's doing the thinking?

What doesn't kill you makes you wish you were dead

You will be labelled a pervert


Insane in the sex brain

Full episode 11th November 2013


Will it ever stop yo

Episode 27 of 250

All hail the heavy bells

We've told you what happens to perverts

A Too broken to fix/Too crazy to care/Much production

It looks like you had too much to think young lady

The laws of Pyshics are merely a suggestion, for better or for worse

Support your local thought police this Christmas

Don't let your mind get crazzzy like a faggot junkie

For most of my life I have chosen to dwell in a place you cannot see - Rumi

This is a hell of a concept

Warning. Missy Jubilee on beach. Proceed at your own risk

Voices in your head start telling you it's.........

Wanted. Lou Reed. Dead or Alive (what's the difference).

For transforming a whole generation of young Amercians into faggot junkies

Satellites of Love

I don't think anybody is anybody else's moral compass. Maybe consuming my art is not the best idea if you live a very constricted life. But then again, maybe it is. - Lou Reed

Lewis Alan 'Lou' Reed

 March 2, 1942 - October 27, 2013

We're just going to stop.

And when you make that choice
When you turn your back on what is comfortable and safe - what some would call common sense - well that's day one

Only 30,000 people bought the first Velvet Underground album, but every one of those people went on to be an artist, a writer or formed a band.

Brian Eno on Lou Reed's first band