It was a great relief to me when I had sex for the first time.


I'd been in an agony of anticipation. 


I met this guy on the street, inner city spruiker.


I fancied myself a bit of an actor and he was selling tickets to La Mama.


After the show, we fucked for hours at his townhouse in Richmond.


He had no idea I was a virgin, and I was determined to keep it that way. For a while.


I stayed until early morning then did my first ...walk of shame.


That was after he saw the blood on the sheets. He looked quite shocked. He actually asked, was it your first time?


So I had to be honest, didn't I.






He looked away first.


Before, when I was still a virgin, he'd been turned on by me touching my breast.So that was a bonus - what I did because it felt good seems to push a button with guys.


Except the only reason I felt any shame was because I enjoyed the feeling of him inside me. It felt completely satisfying, left me all dreamy.


I liked that I'd gotten rid of the pesky first time, now I could get on with more sex, right?