Guilty. As charged

Order in the Court gentlemen and Ladies. Put a sock in it ye throwers of stones for your minds have been revealed. It would appear that there are some discrepencies involved in this ere particular gripe. Step forward good Minister and preesent thy case. A Harlot  ye bleet, one who stands in shadow plying her wares. Not guilty, 1 count. Use of social media and refusal to don Mask renders accusation void. A communist, ok give that a go. Yessir obviously the inclusion of renegade artistes within the work cited reveals a penchant for the outer margin particularly the left. K, lemme see. Yes I see the problem ere, obviously had a lot of contact with the Greek community. Bloody philosophers bugger anybody's cabbage they would not to mention the Sheep. The psycheyeology and leather gear we shall put down to the German influence which is obvious to even a blind man on a galloping horse. Gerry will try to get out of anything with a bit of leather and fast talk. How plead ye Miss Missy.

Fuck off ye say

On which count would that be

Religious bigotry based on beliefs and geographical favorings unproven have influenced the courts oversight of this case.

Never heard of such a plea.

Tell you what, stay away from the Jerries and the rubber knickers ( there not in Marks and Spencer for good reason) stop all that flylosophy. Bugger off and drop a Fifty in the blind box on the way out keep yer nose clean...

Missy I don't have a clue where this stuff comes Just random

My eldest son just came into the garage with a plastic milk carton and asked "recycle", I said fuck no it's too late" Hope he doesn't think I am a cynic. An Island of shit in the Pacific and we want to recycle now! K why not let's play silly fuckers, I got a good one. Why not ban the wearing of clothing and let's see what appens. One industry based on the unscientific belief it is needed, what if a bare arse was fashionable? What would happen to the icecaps then?

Edge as the judge

Missy as the slut

Words by Edge & Missy