My sister is Night

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Intro: David Guetta & Glowinthedark feat. Harrison - Aint A Party (Original Mix)


Credits:  Empire Of The Sun - Alive


The story always fascinated me.

Probably because I was trying to understand me.

Probably because I was trying to get myself to understand the enormity of the evil in me.

That I tried to kill my brother.

I was around 8.

I tried to hang him.

It didn't work, and he ran to our mother, who realised what had happened.

I felt such shame and rage all mingled together in my heart and eyes and throat.

So powerless.

So wrong.

As she tried to understand how her own flesh could suicide like that, I burned in front of her.

Staring at the floor, I took my evil self away from all the sane people to learn how to better hide myself.

I'm a good learner.

A quick learner.

I observe so very well, don't I.

Haven't had any relapses in that area yet. Although the guilt has been astounding, crushing, always there when I needed a nudge to go deep, the final nail can always be killer.