Sex Tool Wild Thing


Intro: Halo 4 Soundtrack : Revival DJ Skee & THX Remix

Main: Maya Jane Coles - Easier to Hide (Original Mix)

Credits:  Jim White - Wordmule


I was born with a tool.

I was born with seduction in my DNA.

I got worried it wasn't working, when all the men in the world didn't fall at my feet, when I was the embodiment of today's 'ideal sex'.

When I was a teenager.

Older now. Wiser now.

Sit back and look at this pretty distraction I've created for you.

While I fill your mind with mine.

See when you have power, you're not the one to say enough now, enough.

When you have the power, you won't ask who doesn't.

Or why.

Tell me now, why do I scare you? What hurt do I create? Who's world is smaller because I exist?

I can't figure those questions out. I can't answer those questions with any semblance of rationality, if I see the world the way I'm taught to.