Missy talks to Cockup3 about Vaginas

Missy: Cockup3, give me 5 things that define a perfect vagina for you.....


I even put the dot points in for you because Zelmo, my dot point knave, is away today. It's National Knave Appreciation Day. And don't even think about putting 'yours' 5 times. That sort of blatant arse licking gets no-one anywhere research wise, unless your researching the interaction between arses and tongues - which we are not.

Cockup3: I promise not to put "yours" under every single point although exploring the varaious interactions bewteen arses and tongues sounds like a pretty fruitful topic to me

Missy: If you did, such short cut shenanigans would just prove you're too lazy to be any knave of mine - although not by much - cause mine must have come from careers in the public service.

Cockup3: Sounds like a fun job to me. Now, when you say vagina, do you mean it in the common usage, referring to both vulva and vagina? Or do you mean just the actual vagina?

Missy: Hmmmm...are you sure you're not a lawyer? Lots of questions. Or a doctor maybe?. Were you proposing to give an inside clinical assessment of vaginas - like Tom Thumb in a vagina, or like a "Honey, I shrunk the kids, and they disappeared into this big vagina"  kind of way? Interesting. If you can pull that off (don't even think about writing what you just thought) then go for it LittleTeensyVaginaMan

Cockup3: Pull what off? What do you mean? What did I think? Who, me? ;-)

Missy: Hmmm

Cockup3: Five things that define a perfect vagina in no particular order. And lets start by assuming it's clean and disease free, so no need to list ;-)

1. Naked and hair-free. Some prefer a small landing strip, or even a full bush, but my preference is for hairless. Nothing to get stuck in my teeth.
2. Wet. Need I say more?
3. Clitoral size. Needs to not be so small that it can't easily be reached without dislocating ones tongue.
4. Tight or good muscle control. Again, no further explanation necessary here.
5. Symmetric in appearance. Labia minora nicely proportion with labia majora. This is more of an "eye of the beholder" thing.

Missy: Labia majora? And you also mentioned diseases?. Are you sure you're not a doctor?