10 Questions for Jeremy

Jeremy: I would describe myself as a pervert, perfectionist and a deviant.

My answers are:

1. What part of a womans body do you find most attractive?


2. What part of a man's body do you find most attractive?


3. When were you the most turned on ever in your life and what was the situation?

I still remember when I was a kid, a dark tanned lady with a miniskirt was walking on the stairs in a department store, I could see her pussy lips clearly, I am sure she wanna exhibit deliberately!

4. When were you most scared in a sexual situation?

having sex in a room unlocked

5. What is the one thing you want to do the most sexually that you have never done?

let a black, a white, an indian, a hispanic gangbanding my wife together!  

6. What is the one thing a girl can do to you that just pushes you over the edge sexually and makes you want it right then and there?

A 36E blonde wearing a micro bikini laying on the beach with her legs spreading widely to seduce me.

7. What is something you want to do to another guy and what would you like them to do back to you?

We suck our dick and asshole together

8. What do you think your sexual limit is? Where do you draw the line not meaning nasty stuff you not into but things you like.

Sorry, no limit

9. What is the perfect vagina to you?

After fucking so many woman, a virgin tight pussyis the best!  

10. Where have you been told by a woman that you can't come on a part of her body. What parts of the body?
Sorry, never, all the woman I fuck begged me to cum inside their pussy!