Cockup3. Followup Questions

Missy: Why don't you like being kissed by guys?

Just don't feel attracted to men in the way that would make me want to kiss them.

Missy: CWhat is your attitude to affairs?

My attitude to affairs is dictated by the women I end up in long term relationships with. They can't seem to keep up with me sexually, and after a certain length of time, the frequency of sex drops below about once a week (no matter what I do). Then the horniness and frustration levels rocket up. So I guess I go looking. Or at least become more open to the possibility.

Missy: How many, why, ever been caught, what would happen if caught, did your father have an affair, what does your wife know etc?

Two, that I would call affairs, rather than flings, the criteria being that they lasted for more than a year. Never been caught. I would probably deny if I was, it but depends on the circumstances of course. Re my father, never thought about it, don't think so, have no suspicions or evidence.