A Proposal from Nick to Missy

Nick: You are so sexy. I would love to rub my hard cock all over your body to turn you on before I proceed to place it between your wet pussy lips and rub it up and down your slit so my precum mixes with your wetness. Making little circles around your clit to drive you crazy while I lick and nibble on your beautiful nipples. You moan and whisper to me that you need to feel my hard fat cock deep in you. So I proceed to push my hips forward to enter you so gently at first. Your lips part and I slide in with some difficulty since you are so tight. I force my way in and do not stop until I am in you completely. You love the feeling of being filled. I lean over, kiss you and look into your happy eyes and can tell that you are in heaven and enjoying this tremendously.... I am Nick and I would love for us to experience each other! Have a beautiful day..