A Detailed Proposal for Missy

From AllniteFun:

Your laying on your bed blindfolded, with just a pair of sexy lace knickers on. I can see by your breathing your waiting in anticipation for what happens next. You feel an instant coldness as the ice cube I am holding circles your nipple, quickly I replace it with my warm tongue. Your nipple reacts instantly, harder and more sensitive than you can ever remember. With the ice cube in my mouth I draw a line down your body, I reach your knickers but it is already melted. Slipping my fingers into each side of your knickers, I slowly work them down, you raise your butt, giving me a wonderful view of your hidden honeypot, as your knickers pass your hips, then your thighs. I see the treasure you have been hiding.

Instantly my manhood goes hard. I slide your knickers past your knees, and over your ankles, your legs part, and for the first time I see the moistness flowing from within you. I reach for another ice cube, run it all the way from your pelvic bone, down between those beautiful moist lips, it is quickly followed by my tongue. I pause at your erect love button, circling and flicking it with just the right amount of pressure, my lips grip it ever so gently, your breathing becomes heavier with anticipation. Your back is arching, as I apply more pressure to your clit with my mouth, I slide the ice cube into the moist depths of your honeypot.

Tongue working expertly on the outside, fingers massaging on the inside, I can hear and feel your pleasure building. I kneel beside you easing the head of my manhood into your mouth, in a smooth action, you engulf it in its entirety, I can tell by the way you are working my shaft you want me, you want me now. As your consuming me, my fingers massage the inside of you like you have never felt before, before you know it, your body is tensing and juices are spraying all over from your honeypot, the intensity is amazing, I keep massaging and squirt after squirt, your juices just keep coming, your trying to suck my manhood but as each wave of pleasure bursts through your body, you just find you can't.

I ease my cock from your mouth, position myself between your glistening legs, an in one smooth, slow, yet purposeful action slide between your soft fluffy lips, discovering the depths of your womanly treasure. Instantly I feel your inner muscles twitching around me, your juices beginning flowing again. My pace quickens, thrust after thrust I explore your insides, I feel you clamp hard around me, the pleasure is to much. My muscles tense, your back arching, we explode together, my cock sprays your insides coating them with my cream, your honeypot oozes your sweet nectar. We collapse in a exhausted heap, bed soaked, bodies covered in sweat. We want more but that is another story, for now we just embrace each other soaking up the moment.