Followup questions for Gina


Gina: Best thing anyone has said has happened a few times really I have had complete strangers (females) walk up to me and tell me that I have the most beautiful legs and they wish they had legs like that. 

Missy: What do you say, and what is their reaction?

Gina: Well I always thank them and tell them I have gotten that before but it is always shocking to me kinda and they normally say oh good they don't want to think they are crazy lol!!

Missy: Tell me, why do you dress as a woman?

Gina: Oh wow I could go on for day with this one and in about a 10000 different directions easiest one is I few most comfortable inside when I am it is like the peace comes over me and I don't feel like I am forcing it are over doing it if that makes any sense. 

Missy: Do you prefer mens or womens lips?

Gina: Women's women's women's women's women's on and women's LOL they are softer and way better kisses and just have way more passion! 

Missy: What is the worst reaction you have ever received?

Gina: Worst reaction was I told a friend of mine that I was very close to just cause I needed someone to talk to about this I could not keep it inside any more and she kinda looked at me like I was crazy and asked me not to dress like that around her and we don't even talk any more. 

Missy: What is the best reaction you have ever received?

Gina: Best reaction would be most of the men I have been with they accept me like that and don't treat me any different form a normal girl!