OliX answers some questions

2008.06.07 011.jpg

What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?

I have a nice back, a nice bum, most of all i have a really nice looking cock apparently

What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?

to know i have been the third person, the second man for several couples wanting to spice up their sex lives

When have you been most embarrassed sexually?

Doing a massive huge fart just as a girl was going down on me, was quite funny

What is your favorite sexual thing to be done to you?

teased and turned on, in so many different ways it is hard to list

What is your favorite sexual act to do to someone else?

undress slowly, lick, tease, touch to bursting point  again and again and again and then fuck

When do you feel most sexual exposed?

when i have been having a wank, you are lost in the moment, you forget where you are anybody could walk past or come in but thats fine u can quickly cover up, but the moment you cum, cover yourself in cum then you are really vulnerable, you waddle about the flat, trousers down looking for tissue, just before-not a problem, just after-vulnerable