Missy asks the same questions of Gina


What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?

Most say my legs and my ass. Best thing anyone has said has happened a few times really I have had complete strangers (females) walk up to me and tell me that I have the most beautiful legs and they wish they had legs like that. 

What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?

Well this one is really easy! That I dress as a women! Most people have not idea at all and it blows there mind some have even seen pictures of me and did not believe that it was really me lol

When have you been most embarrassed sexually?

I am not sure I am really embarrassed but I am nervous when meeting someone as a women cause I never know if they will give me one look and say no sorry you look like a guy lol

What is your favorite sexual thing to be done to you?

I would say kiss all over my body and touch me softly all over I just love the feel of someone's lips on my body and there fingers!

What is your favorite sexual act to do to someone else?

Well with guys I love to go down on them and suck there cock LOL!! With girls I love to kiss on there body and tease them softly till you know they just have to have you in them!

When do you feel most sexual exposed? 

Oh easily when I am dressed as a girl it is scary and you just feel so exposed cause you don't know if you are really pulling it off are how someone will even react to you at all!!