Missy questions Gina

Missy: when were you most scared in a sexual situation?

Gina: a guy brought me back home after meeting me out and he did not know I had a cock was not sure how he would react.

Missy: How did he react?

Gina: He was a little shocked at first but we just kept going like there it was not really there at all. I was not really sure how he would react you never really know but we really hit it off and were both into each other so we just went with the flow and it was pretty good!

Missy: What is the perfect size cock to you?

Gina: For me he would be about 8 are 9 inches long and very thick like about 4 inches I love a thick cock but a thick one that is that long hits my spot that when he goes all the way in it makes me shoot cum every where!!!

Missy: Have you ever had one that was too big, and if so, what did it feel like?

Gina: I have had some larger ones before they hurt a little but we just went slow and they were about to get it all in. I have a act for being able to relax my body and not tighten up. If you are relaxed you will kinda be shocked how there is no pain at all well maybe a little but it is the good kinda pain!!!

Missy: Where is off limits to a guy to shoot cum at to you?

Gina: IN MY DAMN HAIR!!! I took the time to do it I don't want to do it again lol!!!

Missy: Would you let him come in your ear??

Gina: LOL no dont think the ear but then again I don't think anyone has asked me to let them cum there before and I am such a little cum whore I am sure I would turn my head and catch it before it got there lol!!!