10 Questions for BlueFox

1. What part of a womans body do you find most attractive?

Perhaps legs, women sure look good in skirts.

2. What part of a man's body do you find most attractive?

Never thought about it. Shoulders and arms perhaps.

3. When were you the most turned on ever in your life and what was the situation?

In my room with my gf and people in nearby rooms. We were playing with each other. The risk of getting caught perhaps.

4. When were you most scared in a sexual situation?

Up to now, none

5. What is the one thing you want to do the most sexually that you have never done?

One of anal or sex in the woods. There is some not far from my home, go for a walk together before heading into the bushes.

6. What is the one thing a girl can do to you that just pushes you over the edge sexually and makes you want it right then and there?

Take off her clothes, if she is showing her vagina then she wants me to do something with it.

7. What is something you want to do to another guy and what would you like them to do back to you?

Threesome with a girl.

8. What do you think your sexual limit is? Where do you draw the line not meaning nasty stuff you not into but things you like.

Unsure, there is a list of things I would like to do but nothing I don't want to do at present.

9. What is the perfect vagina to you?

As long as not too hairy. I believe a vagina can be unique to a particular female and thus special.

10. Where have you been told by a woman that you can't come on a part of her body. What parts of the bod?

None really