Missy. On Cream'D

tuffnut: a sexual obsession with suntan cream ? is it regards who applies it, where it goes or, what happens when the job is complete ? either way, it is a job no partner of yours would tire of. and give you spend so much time naked, it is most appropriate ! so off you go, get naked and get oiled !!!!

Missy: Aye aye captain. Off to get cream'd, not oiled (you missed the distinction). Regarding the sexual obsession with suntan cream - everything to do with it, it comes from my first sexual experience, and has carried on from there, but if I tell you too much, you won't have a reason to watch my next video - and that's not going to do anyone any good. :) x

tuffnut: cream'd 'ey ? maybe i should have said "get slippery"