Missy. Fantasies

BlueFox: I am curious, what would be the most daring thing your slut side would want to do. I'm talking in a world where anything goes, you wish it and can do it without consequence.

Missy: That is a good question BlueFox. My slut side would do anything, anywhere. There are no limits. And that is because I don't limit my imagination having to have it happen in reality. When you do that, you limit what excitement your imagination can create, because your rational side straight away says 'but would you really do that?". I don't need reality for my fantasies to work for me. I create my own secret world. Why would I limit my fantasies in that way. And besides, fantasies that are acted out in reality are never as good as they are in your mind - because in reality, you don't control all the factors needed to achieve your fantasy