Gina. Shame

Missy: let me ask; what are you most ashamed of? It's fascinating how you project no shame at all, and I wonder if that's come naturally to you or if you had to fight for it.

Gina: Honestly I am not ashamed of anything EVER. If someone wants to hear about it great I will tell them, if they don't then I will just keep it short and sweet and be done with it.

I found I was more confused about it all I enjoyed doing with guys but at the same time still wanted to be with girls and being so young, I did not know what being bi was at all.

All I understood is girls with boys  - and boy on boy is gay. That is all really. But when I was doing all this stuff with the boys I was with - I did not really feel like I was a boy doing this with a boy. I felt like I was the girl and he was the boy.

I did not feel right. Like I was trapped in a boys body.