Gina. Who Am I?

I'm Gina Lynn, lover of all cocks and vagina, willing to sexual explore anything at any time with no regret. Willing to be touched, watched, licked, fucked, sucked, eaten, spanked, tied up, gang banged at any time are place and any time. Hater of anything normal and the same, willing to push any sexual boundary anyone opens. Lover of open minded free thinking people of every race and size.

Here is a little sexual history on me. I have been sexually active since I was about the age of 8 exploring all kind of sexual adventures - some bad, some good and some I am still not even sure what the hell happened.

I am bi. I enjoy men and women. If you had to make me pick one are the other I could not and would not. It all depends on my mood and what I want and feel sexual for.

I have been to swingers clubs to being part of a orgy. One on one sex. Been with 2 and 3 guys at time to 2 and 3 girls at a time. I have enjoyed all and look forward to having even more.

I am a super sexual person. I need sex and want sex and can't stop having it. I dont think it controls me at all, but damn, it is always on my mind.