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Hello Missy,

I love the stuff we can find on Vimeo and I came across your work... At first I was intrigued and then I became a fan. Not because you are offering your own version of free porn, not because you are shocking me in any way, but because you are in my opinion a brilliant artist... Certainly not a sexual deviant like you seem to enjoy self proclaiming yourself :-)

The deviant is most likely the one that is hiding behind the illusion of safety provided by an Internet connection, to jerk off watching you, aroused by the unchallenged idea that you are a sexual deviant.

I am paying great attention to your creations, especially the words, not the ones that you are constantly repeating to reinforce what you want us to believe as a truth about your self image, but to each unique new sentences... So much depth and wisdom. You are a great observer and critique of our sick society.

Yes you are a beautiful woman and I enjoy the glimpses of your anatomy, but I mostly like being surprised by how you are constantly renewing your mixes, how you are creating these ambiances, the suspense, the rhythm... Every piece is unique and I can't help but smile when a new one comes out. 

I would be very proud if you were my life companion (Hopefully your husband is!)... Does that make me a deviant too?!

Please keep up your amazing creative work and thanks a bunch for sharing yourself so generously!

Alain, a grateful admirer from the other side of the planet in Quebec, Canada.