Missy Jubilee. 050. Deep. As fuck


The full extended mix of the Deep soundtrack. It's deep. Deep as fuck Listen to some dope remixxxes

Deep, deep, down the rabbit-hole.

This constitutes solid craftwork, beautiful and sympathetic. I feel you are a natural DJ and happiest when effortlessly stitching bpm on house music. As the music morphs into folk-art, at times it feels a little jumpy, but (and here's the nub of my review) the jumps work because of not despite of the beautiful music which can always be heard over the bumps. It makes me wonder if you have intentionally left the bumps in to shock the ear. I could kinda get that. Imagining you taking a pair of scissors to the tape.

When the video is layered the music will rightfully blend as it always does and become the jam in your victoria sponge. Well that's how I imagine it anyway. I know.

As Abba said.