Missy Jubilee. 047.1 Schtick Films

Mussels Caruso

Hello there Missy, life has been so (insanely) busy, I regret that I haven't had the necessary time to devote to your latest installments...until today---And I must say (as the French do--somewhat more exquisitely than "I've missed (seeing) you,") "You've been missing from me." You have been even busier than I, evidently. Wow! You work a LOT (probably ALL THE TIME. Creativity has no "kill switch", after all!) --I just want to offer my continuing fascination and respect for your process, and this remarkable, ever-expanding body of work. Keep doing great things, Missy--you're getting there! Lucky us, we can experience this emergent triumph in real time. You give good really good invention! Thank you, kindly!