Missy Jubilee. 46. Loosey


The dream sequence works indeed. I might try the vid later when I am drunk to see if my Cortex CPU works better when it is dampened, but wow. just wow, that was worth waiting for. Not the sad news bit you understand (?) but the art. Oh the art.

The poetry is spot-on. Thought myself silly. Alternating between overdosing on your words and defibrillating myself with your images. You are weird. Won't you listen to what the man said. He said.

And then music to make my headphones hurt my ears because I found myself pressing the speakers into the gristle. Twice.

Oh my.

Time is the healer. Well fuck that, life is now, not tomorrow. I do not have the talent nor the physique to do what you do, but I wish I could even echo the message you send so clearly; this is not porn. This is not even the reflection of porn bounced off the filthy minds of those who do not understand what porn is or its role in this society we have created. This is art, and love and truth. These are words spoken that have the honesty of the human condition, with wisdom beyond your humble years.

There will always be doubters and haters. Nosing their way into view round the U bend despite desperate and multiple flushings. But hey-ho. Who gives a shit?

May I be among the first to congratulate you then. A full body of work. Beautifully naked. Handsomely clothed.

Thank you for being you.


ps. I know this is not constructive, but I wouldn't change a thing.