Chetan Bhati

Hi Missy,

I am Chetan from India. I write this mail to congratulate you for your art and its potential.

I have had a couple of those monotonous debates with feminists and no matter how hard I try, I could never get myself to understand their fight. Men and women are not equal but that doesn't call for a comparison of the two. ' Roses and lilies are both beautiful and they cannot be compared' I read somewhere. 

Feminists shouldn't demand for 'equality with men' but they should demand a 'freedom to be themselves' ( if it is truly not in their hands in first place) You approach is truly feminine because you do not demand your freedom but you proclaim it through your art and that is how a feminist should fight, by celebrating their femininity. You are a true rebel and Osho would agree with me. 

You are probably the only person who'd understand this: your videos will help me develop more respect women.

Thanks, Love, Laughter, 

P.S: At the moment, I can only pay my gratitude with words but if pockets starts making ching-ching sound, I'll remember to pay my debts :)