Missy Jubilee. 043. Masturbativ

Alan R

Three minutes. Three minutes thirty five seconds. Shot in full on grainy two frames a second monochrome that made me think I had woken up in the 90’s. Uncomfortably close. But like the prose strangely lyrical.

It is your three minute pop song of a video. The 7 inch vinyl 45rpm version.

Your words get me every time. They are the journey. The unconditioned confessional. No compromise needed or required. It matters not if your viewers are empathetic or just plain pathetic. No. I know you do not judge. Your recent brief cessation felt like a sigh. There are always wankers. I wank, you wank, they wank. Wankers. The lot of us. So true, so apt.

Hope you are well. Your skill is indelible. I always look forward to your posts.

Bestest Wishes,


ps. my spellchecker wants to change wank to want. How appropriate.