Naked Files 02


Hi Missy,

I thought this would be a quick read before breakfast, Wow what a year,my first pre proper read (lazy scan), my head was full of visions of you, your remote farm, hot and dry,no fires i hope, and that tartan skirt, your favourite boots, sitting for hours in remote dinners, THAT skirt AGAIN, then the peace and tranquillity Bang gone, a flying chair and the law all very wild west, Great.If for whatever reason the movie projekts go tits up, i hope your "note books" turn into a book..."the work and life of ........" so many facets, Thanks for 2014 and best wishes for you and the team in 2015.Dave Hand on Heart Fan

PS It's not necessary to be 100% successful to be 100% contented, ( i feel that's a stupid thing to say to you)