Naked Files 02


I am sorry for whatever it is they have done to you.
I would trade souls with you in a heartbeat if this one were easier to bear.
This world has a habit of seeking and finding the most innocent to do the most harm to.
I can’t explain why this happens but it seems to be a recurring theme.
Somewhat of a compliment I guess if you have had the shit kicked out of you.    
With friends like that though… They can keep their compliments.
I hope one day you will feel as valuable as I know you are,
And know that you are deserving of every good thing that happens to you.
I wish I could undo all of the things that have ever hurt you.   
Ok not every bad thing because Christ you need to live a little - just the really bad stuff.
From one human to another human on this God forsaken rock - I am rooting for you.