Naked Files 02

Reverend C. L. Dodgson:

Ello Missy,
From the original film concepts to the exhausting rate of production and the crowdsourcing of distribution, you astound me
You are a postmodern Muse, a personification of knowledge and the arts, especially...
of hypertextual storytelling
of posthistory or of mind playing
of remixed sounds, organised in time
of manifestos that express subjective thoughts and feelings, especially love and erotic poetry
of disclosing information, or giving evidence about another, then becoming the Muse of tragedy
of solemnly devoted verse, in a bad sense, as to words of evil, vengeance, curse, or the like, as well as involving physical comedy, topical memes, and fairy-tale scripts
of rhythmic steps or movements, especially in time to music and of shouts and catcalls
of satire and extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque images
of astronomy and miracles
If I wasn't now under lockdown I would donate again under a pseudonym
Reverend C. L. Dodgson :white_flower: :rabbit: