Naked Files 02



Wow.... that's harsh.

Understandable.  Like when all the carefully thought out positions, perspectives and theories begin playing "Catch Me If You Can.." with your brain and just making sense is a challenge, never mind being eloquent and convincing?
Even if you didn't write this text and try to rip yourself before anybody else did it, I don't see why anybody would have been as cruel as this. I'm going to say it's knee jerk, a reaction based on how you've been treated in the past and it's a defense mechanism.

Content-wise? The project was foggier before you assembled this video. Mashing these episodes together and also adding just this much more commentary has, at least for me, been a clarifier. Even if you can't do this constantly, I think you'll want to do one of these summary type things again, maybe a few times before the end of the project. I think it adds valuable context. I think it's an opportunity to open it up for more people, even if TVI doesn't carry it again, and they might anyway... hopefully, they have a new season to work on.

Having high standards seems to go along with a unique view of morality. I have to say that in your case, the way you mash together your carnal and creative sides feels new and different. Maybe some art professor somewhere might disagree, but I'd like to think it's going to catch on, that I and the loyal few aren't just as bent as you and represent the whole potential audience.

Yes, when your volume of writing increases you should send out updates more frequently. It's awesome that you're finally letting your writing trickle out. I can't see us all being as prolific as you... writing a response to your videos is easier than trying to capture the essence of each piece of prose and poetry especially with daily frequency. I don't think you should make a hard and fast rule, though and I'm sure you have enough to do without adding another thing to your agenda. Besides, you're a free spirit. No matter what we say, you're going to change and change your priorities. However, if you're going to write 500-1,000 words a day, waiting a month to publish it may or may not be overwhelming.... but it makes for more than enough content to publish more often. I for one appreciate your insight into your life perhaps even more than your highly photogenic form.

You know, in my work, I have favourites... pieces that I think are exceptional, or at least stand out. I often wonder why others see more significance, at times, in the pieces I value less.

Good luck, I hope 2015 turns out to be the best for you so far,