Missy Jubilee. 040. Fear

Alex Schlack

Hi Missy, please note the waffle below is all opinion and speculation

A funny thing happened to me this morning.

I stumbled across one of your videos  and it has now been 1 ½ hours of browsing your work.

I don’t normally comment on the web and I don’t follow things like face book or twitter and it’s probably because I’m a little bit paranoid and of the opinion people should interact face to face,  but after 1 1/2 hours I really want to send you some feedback like you asked.

Because of my “paranoia”(remember just because you think the net is out to get you doesn’t  mean it’s  not) I thought I’d use an alias but then I snapped out of it out of respect because I consider your work so honest it points to art axiom,  philosophy, psychology and well I suppose the old question of what came first?…. and who am I and what is the meaning of life and everything that makes us human.

I like your artwork because I find it confronting, not in a OMG how can you post it way,  but confronting to myself  and socially acceptable norms and everything I just wrote above you know …the chicken or egg stuff.

I found your videos erotic and tantalizing because of the way I suppose I would describe them as innocent in a primal urge kind of way, confident and well basically you grab the bull by the horns and that is such a sign of strength and intellect and the way you sub text your story in them and little mission statements and educating facts  your whole concept is so clever. Your erotica is so effective that my y chromosomes did not make me want to feel lewd but instead I found my response to it was more along the lines of wow I really think this woman needs a hug she is beautiful  which is so much more meaning full and makes ones senses tingle like an emotionally charged erotica fire cracker, like a first teen age crush or when you look at someone and you realize you really love them unconditionally (probably not possible in psychobabble) and it compromises your social/ emotional walls/barriers a little bit when you kiss.(what is that called flirtation?)

 I have not given an opinion before in this way because I’m just a everyday Joe Blog with a menial job, wife and 2 kids but I think it’s great because what it shows is how your art has provoked me to a response I am not an artist or even vaguely educated in the field (most opinions are worthless anyway) but I do appreciate art and music for its social importance as a tool to challenge and reflect and stir emotion and how this defines us whether it be classical, trash metal, industrial techno, scar, reggae or calypso or any of the art genres that I don’t know what they are called (sorry don’t have time for Rapp or pop).

I really agree with some of the comments that were posted like the one that pointed out that your work is amongst the most significant and important work of our time,  hell yes yes yes yes you are seriously artistically talented  and I think  your formula the provoking and challenging  texts you type in your clips it all works on so many levels, or the Robert Palmer one “difficult to watch but I can’t stop”

As an artistic genius I am not surprised that you touched on the bi polar topic, so often goes hand in hand with success. I suppose it’s because it might give people afflicted the ability to shed inhibition and shine, but  that’s just my theory.  

Don’t let success get to you (what goes up must come down) and don’t listen to  negative critics like the Qld girl,… ( has no idea) what you do i.e. your artistic expression  is self-acceptance and as far as I can interpret as a joe blog that represents a far healthier psyche than the blind woolly sheepish society that is represented as the norm (omg my iPhone is 7 days old what will people think, better spill an opinion from the hole in my head and shout it to the whole world.).

Honestly I don’t think you are as crazy as you make out. I don’t know, maybe your web site when I stand back and look might have  vague undertones of US of Tara but I think it’s more a case of you have recognized Victorian style parental oppression and social inequalities (oppression probably because they were too embarrassed by not knowing because no one ever taught them how to be parents) not to mention Australians are so prude in some respects and you have become comfortable with accepting your  recognition of this and  with your subsequent  found freedom. I honestly believe that some people can be empowered by your art project and  I think that is important.  Again I’m not qualified to analyse it’s all just opinion . In a biological sense I don’t think it is abnormal for a woman to be  aroused by  a naked man and vice versa because really these are natural responses to genetic preservation  and the theory of evolution so at the end of the wall street trading day and the close of parliament  life is all about the birds and the bees the rest is just static

In one sense  I am a bit in awe because you appear to be true to your individuality whereas in my work I have sold my soul and betrayed everything I believed in. What can I say middle aged and pissed off!

Wow look who’s talking from a hole in their head now  I’d better shut up now.

All I really wanted to say was two thumbs up. You, your work is provoking I’m sure your exhibition will be a smashing success and you will be a super star in the art world.