Missy Jubilee. 040. Fear

Alan Rogers

Hi Missy,

The heart of this video is your dancing. Well not so much dancing as moving to the sounds in your headphones. You look happy, even when you are not smiling. I think it is the upbeat music. Most of the music you play has a backbeat (you can’t lose it, any old way you choose it) which would reanimate a corpse; this is no exception. I like the fact that in all your films you cross that bridge between soulful acoustic ballads; rock, rap and trance, and the music you use always creates the right atmosphere. I mentioned before that by clever use of sound you make some of your harder visuals…well…softer.

Spoken word is well used too. I love Zilch (in fact Headquarters is one of my favourite albums of all time; who cares if the Monkees were manufactured right?) and the political ranting of Sir Bill rings like a tuning fork.

I like your reference to the Trojan Horse below. Lets hope it works, I imagine you casting the imaginary fishing rod and reeling in a number of punters over to vimeo who (probably like me) are shallow enough to follow up any chance for a little female nakedness, and are also intrigued by your suggestion of confessions of sexual shame.

It follows on then that your explanation for your nudity completes the cycle. The body in its natural state levels us all. But it is historically wrought with shame and humility. The Nazi’s stripped Jewish prisoners before gassing them naked so as to ‘dehumanise’ them. As if ridding them of their clothes made them less rather than more human. It was a fairly typically cruel humiliation that the Nazi’s should not take credit for. It has existed in every war before and since to prisoners of war including the recent conflicts in Iraq (and retaliatory measures apparently in Guantanamo Bay). But somehow the naked female form is worshipped beyond shame. You may not see it from your perspective but your nudity in no way seems shameful (cue Lilly Allen singing ‘and I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless’). Equality does not work in this way. I have no idea how sexuality will evolve, but it is evolving faster than ever these days.

You have touched on feminist topics (I am not claiming to presume you are a feminist) before in your blog and in your videos; the crisis these days is how to protect young girls and not destroy the lives of young men. Men are slower to change to societal pressures, but I can see it happening. It is not working in Britain. Men make up 70% of the nations suicides and if you narrow that down to below 25 year olds the figure goes up to 85%. A lot of this is down to men feeling they are failing in society. Girls are doing better academically now more than ever. Young girls make up two thirds of the medical and law students in Britain, are becoming commonplace in the boardroom, and government offices. Things are a-changing but the boys are not coping with the change.

Conversely men are subjecting women to more and more humiliating sexual experiences. Whether this is as a consequence of stress or the overflow of gutter porn on the internet, it is a real problem that needs addressing. That is why I have grown to love your project. You make no presumptions. An outlet for the modern mind (male and female).

The theme of being ‘yourself’ when you are not self conscious is bang on. Singing in the shower, or car, is common place and nowt wrong with it. Fear of failing your adoring public is a stress you do not need, and maybe is one that is starting to weigh you down. It is easy for me to say again but please never let creating these videos become a chore. Let your honesty shine shine shine. Like it shines on me.

Bless you,