Missy Jubilee. 040. Fear


Thanks and I like this film a lot. You always put deep meaning and hidden messages in all your films.  I find this one as one of your best, very refreshing and helps me learn a new side of you, helps me learn the real you.  So, I feel more invested personally watching your films, like I know you better. Also, being dyslexic, it is much easier to read all the stuff on the film without the wonderful distraction of your naked body. :) I also like the idea of this being a trojan horse as you call it. 

As for 95% of your friends and family dissassociating themselves from you. Screw them. I know it is easier to say from my point of view.  I know if we were friends, I would cherish the friendship no matter what you did. The average friendship really lasts 5-8 years, so at the end of this project, you will truly know who your friends are for life.